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Beyoncé ‘parts ways’ with MAJOR global brand

Beyoncé and Adidas have reportedly agreed to mutually part ways.

The singer and the global sportswear brand entered a creative partnership back in 2018, when she relaunched her activewear brand Ivy Park.

The collaboration also led to the development of new footwear.


The news comes just months after sales of Beyoncé’s activewear line drastically plummeted by 50 percent – raking in just $40 million compared to $93 million the previous year.

At the time, the Wall Street Journal reported that Ivy Park’s projected sales were over $250 million.

The outlet reported that “in five of the last six Ivy Park releases, roughly half of the merchandise that was produced went unsold,” adding that the range was “losing money for Adidas.”

According to a source linked to The Hollywood Reporter, there have been “major creative differences between Ivy Park and Adidas” in recent years, which has led to the downfall of their working relationship.

The source added that “Beyoncé is excitedly looking to reclaim her brand, chart her own path and maintain creative freedom”.

Ivy Park was originally launched in Topshop back in 2016; however, two years later Beyoncé acquired 100 percent of the brand.

In the future, Ivy Park could be acquired by Adidas’ competitor Puma – of which Beyoncé’s husband Jay-Z is the creative director.


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