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Beyoncé faces $20 million lawsuit from Youtube star’s estate


Beyoncé is set to face a $20 million copyright lawsuit from a rapper and Youtube star’s estate.

The family of Messy Mya, an LGBTQ rapper and YouTube music star who was fatally shot in 2010, is suing the Halo singer saying that she featured excerpts of the rapper in Formation without permission.

According to the lawsuit filed in the Eastern District of Louisiana on Monday, the New Orleans native’s sampled words helped “create the tone, mood, setting and location of the New Orleans-themed ‘Formation’ video and audio recordings.”

Formation: Messy Mya’s estate is suing Beyoncé for copyright | YOUTUBE

The case also alleges that the sample was “blatant in both scale and degree” and that the Youtube star “has received nothing – no acknowledgment, no credit, no remuneration of any kind.”

The rapper’s line “I like that,” which appears to be taken from his 2010 video, A 27 Piece Huh?, can be heard in Formation.

The lawsuit also extends to live performances of the song, which was featured prominently in Beyoncé’s 2016 Formation World Tour concerts.

Messy Mya’s family is seeking more than $20 million in back royalties and songwriting credit for the Youtube star, who was fatally shot in 2010 at age 22.