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Armie Hammer SLAMMED by fans for criticising celebrity tributes to Stan Lee

The actor criticised celebs for posting images of themselves with the comic book legend


Armie Hammer has been slammed by fans for criticising celebrity tributes to Stan Lee.

The Call Me By Your Name actor criticised fellow celebs for posting tributes to the writer, as many shared pictures of themselves with Stan.

The 32-year-old hit out at the Hollywood stars, many of whom had worked with the comic book legend, as Armie tweeted: “So touched by all of the celebrities posting pictures of themselves with Stan Lee… no better way to commemorate an absolute legend than putting up a picture of yourself.”

Many fans of the actor hit out at his comments, as one responded: “They… worked with him…?”

Armie responded to the follower and simply tweeted: “Me…. too…?”

Although the actor did not pay an online tribute to Stan, he continued to hit out at the celebrities who did, despite the huge backlash he received.

One fan tweeted the actor: “Maybe they’re just remembering how it felt to meet him with those photos. That’s how I would feel. I never got the chance.”

“If Stan impacted your life (ie. All of our lives) with his work, post his work that touched you the most. Posting a selfie makes his death about you and how cool you felt taking a picture with him,” Armie responded.

Others claimed that the actor made the 95-year-old’s death all about him, as one fan wrote: “Aaaaaaaand just by telling people how to grieve, you’ve made this wonderful man’s passing, all about you. I’m a fan of yours 100%, but this was just not right. Also some of those “celebrities” are your friends. And human beings”.

Stan Lee created iconic superheroes such as Spider-man and The Avengers and passed away on Monday morning.

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