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Amy Adams admits she would love to return to ‘amazing and magical’ Ireland

The actress previously filmed in Ireland for the film 'Leap Year'


Amy Adams has admitted she would love to return to the “amazing and magical” Ireland.

The actress starred in the 2010 film Leap Year about a woman who travels to Dublin to propose to her boyfriend.

The red-haired beauty spoke to John Fardy for Screentime ahead of her new film Hillbilly Elegy, where she described Ireland as “one of the most amazing places”.

“I’m actually looking at filming in Ireland again,” Amy revealed, “All I can think of is how I can get onto the Aran Islands.”

Amy Adams filming ‘Leap Year’ in Ireland | VIPIRELAND.COM

“I want to take my daughter…. there’s something just so magical about it.

“Unfortunately, my memories are mostly about being cold,” she added, “We were up on the cliff-side, and it was so, so cold.

“But it was breathtakingly beautiful and there was a sunset over the water. I’m so taken with the magic of that country and the countryside.”

Amy admitted her time in Ireland involved being “very cold and [drinking] a lot of Guinness.”


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The 46-year-old revealed her Irish appearance was beneficial to her success, after dying her hair red at the beginning of her career .

“I had strawberry blonde hair and changed it for this show I did (Dr Vegas) because there was another actress who had blonde hair and they said, ‘Well, one of you is going to need a dye job.’ So it fell to me.

“And I liked the change and it changed things for me in a really good way. I’m not saying it was the hair that did it but I was seen in a different light. I was going up for different roles that I’d never gone for before.

“I think some of them even thought I was Irish. I’d go into castings and they’d see the red hair, the freckles and pale skin, ‘Oh, you’re Irish,’ and it was always a warm reaction.”