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20 Of Kylie Jenner’s BEST Quotes In Honour Of Her 20th Birthday


Kylie Jenner is definitely one of our favourite members of the Kardashian/Jenner clan.

Not only is she on track to becoming a billionaire, but she’s also just debuted her very own reality show called Life of Kylie.

While we do love keeping up with Kylie on Instagram, it’s what she says that really makes us love her.

So, we’re rounded up 20 of King Kylie’s best quotes (in GIF form) in honour of her turning 20 today…

1. She’s not a morning person… 

2. When she shaded her Dad 

3. Who needs fashion magazines when you have Tumblr?

4. Yes. Yes it is, Kylie. 

5. When she perfectly described school in one sentence 

6. That time she FINALLY admitted to having lip fillers

7. Same. 

8. Ditto. 

9. When she dished out some solid life advice 

10. When she refused her sister Kendall some food

11. When she called out Snapchat for making fun of her 

12. When her sister Kim suggested that she move in with her 

13. Same, Ky. 

14. Her stance on drama

15. When she straight up lied to a fan (in a funny way)

16. When Kendall annoyed her

17. Her response to the haters

18. When she thought this pig was a chicken

19. When she perfectly described the struggle of getting ready 

20. When she uttered the greatest quote of all time