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Top Irish blogger opens up on battle with depression

She opened up via Instagram stories


Top Irish blogger and expectant mum Grace Mongey, or Faces by Grace, has opened up about her struggle with depression.

This morning, hundreds of thousands of people across the globe roused themselves before the crack of dawn to walk for Darkness Into Light.

Grace herself could not participate, as she is expecting to give birth at any moment, but shared her own past battle with depression.


“Thinking of everything who did darkness into light. I obviously couldn’t do it this year but thinking of you all.”

“I’m thinking of those still in the darkness, those who cant see the light and those that have found the light.”

“I myself struggled ion the darkness for a long time but with the support of my friends and family, professional help, medication and therapy I found the light.”


The expectant mum offered words of hope and understanding for those who continue to battle through mental health issues: “It’s not an easy road to walk” she wrote.

“It’s lonely and scary but speak to someone and it will help.”

“If you’re struggling just ask one person for help. Remember it’s okay not to feel okay” she finished.

200,000 people walked for Darkness Into Light in the early hours of this morning.