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WATCH: Goss.ie at the annual Oscar Wilde party in LA

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We caught up with Sarah Bolger, J.J. Abrams, Kathy Griffin, and The Academic at the annual Oscar Wilde Party in LA.

The 13th Oscar Wilde Awards celebrated Irish and Irish-American cinematic achievements in host, J.J. Abrams’, Bad Robot compound in Santa Monica.

Into the Badlands star Sarah Bolger told us how the party which celebrate Irish talent ‘is circled on the calendar.’

“This is the most fun around Oscar season I think.”

“Currently I’m filming the spin-off to Sons of Anarchy, Mayans for FX. We’re doing that in Los Angeles.”

The star revealed how she copes without Irish dietary staples like Tayto and Barry’s Tea, while she’s living in America.

“Would ya stop it, I ship it in! I have my folks ship me Barry’s Tea all the time.”

Credit: Adriana M. Barraza/WENN.com

The Academic described how they got to perform at the prestigious event.

“We’re on an American tour right now so it actually worked out that we had a couple of days off to do it. So, yeah, really excited!”

Kathy Griffin came over to Goss.ie to slag JJ Abrams, who she ‘discovered’ when he was ‘his father’s secretary’ at the age of 18.

“He was barely literate.”

“He’s a home-schooler” the controversial comedian explained making inverted commas with her fingers.

“You know, they learn at their pace.”

Abrams interjected to defend himself jokingly claiming, “She’s on so many drugs right now.”

Credit: Adriana M. Barraza/WENN.com

The honorary Irishman then went on to discuss the importance of the shift his industry is making towards ‘fairness’ and ‘equity’ when asked if this was a good celebration for women too.

“Not as much as it should be but I think increasingly.”

Pointing to the #TimesUp pin on his lapel he continued, “That’s why I think the #TimesUp movement is so important.”

“Equity and fairness and safety in the workplace, these are the issues that are most important.”

“Who wins what award is an important thing on one level but what is really, really important is what’s happening in the workplace everyday, in all sectors.”

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