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James Kavanagh urges people to ditch partying during Coronavirus outbreak – as he says ‘our sesh will come’

The TV presenter is encouraging people to follow the social distancing recommendations

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James Kavanagh has urged people to not party and stick to the social distancing recommendations during the Coronavirus outbreak.

Irish government have recommended said that indoor events with 100 or more people should be cancelled, and urged people “not to socialise” and admitted people’s social lives need to change during this period of self-isolation.

Taking to Twitter social media star and TV presenter James Kavanagh said he now realises how serious COVID-19 has become, and urged his followers to ditch partying for now.

“Yesterday I was v “ah this is all a bit much, let’s party our way through it” but I’ve had a change of heart,” he wrote.

“From listening to experts & receiving messages from healthcare peeps, the better we act now, the better the outcome will be. Our sesh will come

 “#FlattenTheCurve,” he added, the term meaning that if people can stop socialising and start following government recommendations seriously, we could prevent the disease from spreading any further.

James also shared an email in his Tweet from the Infectious Disease Society Ireland which stated that young people, although less likely to get sick from the virus, “can still get the infection and pass it on”.

Which is why we’re asking for everyone to think about their loved ones before they head out for a session,” the mail continued.

As of Saturday evening there were 129 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Ireland and 2 deaths.

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