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Tinsel Hair: The latest viral beauty trend on TikTok

Tinsel hair first became popular in the 2010s, with stars such as Beyoncé and Adrienne Maloof rocking the statement look.

It involves tying long strands of tinsel onto tiny sections of your own hair to give it some sparkle, and it’s become popular once again thanks to TikTok.

The viral beauty trend is the perfect hairstyle to try out for the festive season, adding a bit of extra glam to your Christmas looks.


besties get a bestie to do it 🥲✨ #ImTheMainCharacter

♬ Opinion – Willow Kayne

To achieve this look, take a single strand of tinsel and slip-knot it over a tiny section of hair, as close to the root as you can get.

Repeat this step as many times as you’d like – if you’d like a more subtle sparkle, add only  a few strands of tinsel, or add more for a more eye-catching look.

Check out some of the most popular tinsel hair looks so far:


No one asked but I delivered anyways #hairtinsel

♬ everyday – favsoundds


I didn’t think i’d love it as much as i did. I felt like an early 20’s pop star #fyp #foryou #tinselhair

♬ original sound – Agnes Solaru


My hair tinsel after the shower🎆 #hairtinsel #fairyhair #SoundcoreGoForGold #fyp

♬ gojo supremacy – люблю соню влада бебровича


it’s ✨CHRISTMAS TINSEL BABY ✨#hairtok #hairstylistpov #olaplex #hairtinsel #christmastree #christmascountdown #christmastiktok

♬ abcdefu – GAYLE


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