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TikTok claims THIS beauty product can help combat oily hair

According to TikTok, micellar water can help combat oily hair.

The latest viral beauty trend involves dousing your hair in the prodcut, which is usually used to remove makeup, before double shampooing.

The hashtag #micellarwater already has 120 million views on the platform and some of TikTok’s biggest beauty influencers have been trying out the trend.

@abbeyyung ok whatttt 😧 #shampootest #micellarwater #clarifyingshampoo #greasyhair #oilyhair ♬ First Class – Jack Harlow

According to A-list stylist Jason Collier, micellar water can make your hair smooth, shiny and nourished.

The Bblonde Brand Educator told “It may seem like a new TikTok fad to be skeptical of, but actually layering micellar water into your hair routine can be a very good thing if you’re looking to revitalize your locks.”

“Just like it does with our skin, dousing your hair in micellar water removes build-up of products and oils from the hair strands, while balancing pH levels. This is because the purpose of micellar water is to attract dirt and oil.”


Jason added: “This results in overall healthier, nourished, shiny and smooth locks. It’s also great because it’s so gentle and doesn’t strip away essential oils from the hair.”

“For that reason, it works particularly well for hair that gets weighed down easily and is prone to grease. To get the maximum out of the hack, start at the root and administer your micllar water right to the tip.”

“Then you’ll want to massage it into your lengths using your fingers, to ensure all strands are coated. Leave it in anywhere from 30 – 60 minutes before shampooing twice, to ensure its fully washed out. Finish with your favourite conditioner, before styling as usual.”

“You can use any micellar water, but I really love French brand, Embryolisse as I find it particularly gentle and effective.”

“But remember, this isn’t for every wash day – as it could become expensive and wasteful, as it does take a lot of product to make it work, especially if your hair is longer.”

“Instead, add into your routine once every 2 weeks to give your hair a through, deep cleanse.”


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