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These popular hairstyles could be damaging your hair

From messy buns to braids, many of our favourite hairstyles can actually be highly damaging to our hair.

To keep dry, broken, and lifeless hair at bay, knowing what looks to keep for special occasions only will help maintain a healthy head of hair.

Gökhan VAYNİ, Hair Specialist at Vera Clinic, has researched the most damaging hairstyles and hair habits that we should avoid.

Take a look:

High Ponytails

If you’re somebody who likes a dramatic high ponytail, it’s best to minimize the amount you rock the style as it can cause hair weakness and follicle damage if pulled tightly at the top of the head.

The process of tightly pulling the hair back into position can cause it to break away from its roots and split, leaving short flyaways.

Instead, it’s best to stick to a looser ponytail or reduce the length of time your hair is held in the ponytail.

Hair Extensions

Although extensions allow you to get the thick and long hair you’ve always dreamed of, they can cause damage if the necessary care is not taken.

If you fail to take the suitable precautions as advised by professionals, they can damage your natural hair and lead to hair loss.

It’s best to discuss with your hairdresser and research your specific hair type and hair extensions to ensure you’re keeping your new locks in top condition.

Frequent Heat Styling Tools

Using a hair straightener, curling tong or other heat styling tools is key for the hairstyle you desire but can often be the most damage to the hair, leading to split ends and dryness.

Exposure to high temperatures affects the keratin strands in your hair so it’s best to take those extra precautions such as using heat protection, lower temperatures and reducing using heat tools.

Tight Braids

The smaller the braid, the more potential to cause damage if you are not careful.

As the hair is pulled tight to create the aesthetic braids, it can weaken the hair by causing follicle damage and splitting the strands.

If you’re wanted a braids hairstyle it’s best to opt for a looser, thicker braid rather than several tight braids.

If you put your hair into a ponytail or bun right after washing it to achieve a sleek look, this can actually cause more damage than doing it on dry hair. When your hair is wet, it is naturally weaker so any heavy brushing or tight hair bands can cause it to break.

Sleek Buns

A sleek bun is on trend at the moment, especially over the summer months, but the look can take its toll on your hair.

To achieve the flawless bun with no flyaways or bumps, the process can cause excessive pulling and lead to breakage.

Blow Drying

With wet hair being weaker and more susceptible to breakage, it is important to remove as much water as possible and towel dry the hair before using a hairdryer.

As you brush your wet hair, do so gently and minimize exertion.

Elastic Hair Ties

Different types of hair ties have different impacts on the hair and if used too often, can lead to damaged hair and fraying.

Especially if you tend to use the same hairstyle every time, keep the hair healthy by staying clear of elastic ties and don’t secure the hair too tightly.

Hair Colourings

If you are somebody who loves changing up the colour of your hair and experimenting with new looks, it can take its toll on your hair.

Especially if you are bleaching the hair to lighten it, it can strip the hair of its natural oils and lead to damaged and dry hair.

Ensure you’re thoroughly looking after your hair if you do regularly colour your hair to ensure you’re keeping your hair in as healthy condition as possible.


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