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Winter Skincare Tips By The Skin Nerd

With winter fully upon us, it’s getting colder outside and that can be bad news for our skin.

It’s so important to change up your skincare routine from that of the summer. The cold weather can be harsh meaning we need to re-evaluate how we’re taking care of it.

We had a chat with The Skin Nerd, Jennifer Rock, to get her advice on what we need to be doing differently coming into the winter.

Jennifer has become one of the go-to people in Ireland for skincare advice over the past year due to her surge in popularity on Snapchat.

Q&A The Skin Nerd Jennifer Rock

Working as the Brand Manager for IMAGE Skincare, it’s easy to see why people go to her for advice.

“Skin is my passion, my career and my hobby all rolled into one. I cannot explain the interest and grá I have for skincare!”

What made you decide to start giving skincare advice on Snapchat?

Ellen Kavanagh of Waxperts is the main culprit responsible for my daily songs about skincare. 

I visited her home in the lead-up to her wedding and featured on her Snapchat  and although it felt a bit bizarre and daunting at first, I really enjoyed it! 

My son is 12 and is on Snapchat too, so I was trying to be the cool kid at first to absolutely NO avail, thus the nickname ‘skin nerd’. 

had set up a Facebook page a few months previously and found that the information was being received well, but demonstrating and doing live Q and A’s were really effective through Snapchat.


The weather is changing and getting colder, do you think it’s important to switch up our current skincare routines?

I00% YES.

The moisture is being drawn from our skin due to the drop in humidity and temperature, and our skin’s natural protective layer (named the pHthen changes, making the skin more reactive and dehydrated. 

Although we are still exposed to ageing light rays, the lack of heated rays can allow us to use higher percentage acids and retinols (Vitamin A), and in general bulldoze the skin with potent ingredients that can address many skin concerns.

The Skin Nerd Jennifer Rock

What would be your basic daily skincare routine for morning and night?

How long do you have?!

1. Pre cleanse with the Cleanse Off Mitt (Jennifer has developed her own cleansing mitt which removes makeup and oil from the skin without the use of any product).


2. Use IMAGE Ormedic Cleanser

3. Follow with IMAGE Iluma serum

4. Then IMAGE Clear Cell Moisturiser

5. Finally SPF – a key product.

At night

1. Remove my makeup with the Cleanse Off Mitt

2. A salicylic acid-based cleanser to mop up oil

3. A Vitamin A-based serum 

What should we be doing differently for the colder months?

We should be eating more ceramides, hydrating foods and anti-inflammatory foods, as the skin is THE protective layer and we need to fuel it from within so it has the abilty to fight the cold.

A decent barrier cream of course is useful, but the reality is that the sealing, watertight barrier function comes from within.

Eat lots of nuts and seeds to oil it up.


We live such fast paced lives, what advice could you give to people who tend to neglect their skin or don’t have a routine?

Great question. The Cleanse Off Mitt was created for those who neglect, don’t have time for, or simply want to treat their skin well.


This simple step morning and night can ensure all makeup is removed with just the lick of the mitt. If you don’t wear makeup, you still need to remove all traces of pollution, debris, oil and bacteria from the skins surface. 

The Cleanse Off Mitt makes this simple. That and reducing sugar intake, upping greens (not a mojito) and applying Vitamin A topically as often as your skin will allow in a 0.6concentration and higher. I promise this will guarantee changes within weeks.

Does diet have much of an impact on how we take care of our skin?

Absolutely, categorically 100% yes. 

What would be your five top tips for looking after your skin?

Treat it as an organ

Do not use baby wipes

Wear SPF

Realise pores are not doors, as in they will not close!

Makeup can exacerbate the skins condition so choose wisely

The Skin Nerd Jennifer Rock

What is your ride or die, desert island product that you can’t go without?

I have to say twoVitamin A and SPF – they are like Laurel is to Hardy, Romeo is to Juliet – we need to repair as we protect.

We’re already thinking about the Christmas party season, do you have any tips on helping makeup sit better on the skin?

Hell yes, get a few pre-party peels to slough off the dead skin cells and make YOU the illuminous belle of the ball.

Use brown sugar and honey in a paste to make the lips mistletoe kissable.

Prep the body for the LBD with a glycolic wash as a shower gel (be wary of private areas) as this will alow the tan to adhere evenly and fade well, or simply just allow the skin feel like satin or silk while all your colleagues are barbed wire-esque.

How important is it to remove makeup before bed? Is it ok to skip a night?

If you wish to skip makeup removal for the cosy place of your bed, you are definitely not alone, but know that it hurts my heart daily.

The reality is that it’s easy to spot those who care for their skin and those who do not. The skin is an organ and it deserves respect. 

The Skin Nerd Jennifer Rock Snapchat

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