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Reviewed: Clarins Instant smoothing self tan

This week I tried out Clarins instant smoothing self tan, no streaks, no smell, and best of all no lines!

I always wanted to use self tan on my face but previous products I had clogged my pores and aggravated my skin. From experience, this has definitely the best results compared to other brands.

This product is very easy to apply and left my skin with a subtle bronze colour, It doesn’t have a strong smell, streaks or turns orange.



No streaks: I loved that it was easy to apply | SORCHA CRILLY

I didn’t need to wear any other make up as it added just the right amount of colour to my face and so fast and easy to apply without any shine.

Probably the best thing about this facial tint is the fact that it lasts up to 3 days, only downfall is its priced at twenty six euro a bit expensive for a 30ml facial tanner but I have to say less is more and It definitely won’t run out any time soon.

I’m excited to use this product after my holidays as I know It will accelerate my natural colour and keep my skin hydrated and silky after the harsh sun rays.


I loved using this product for its base, texture and coverage. However, feel this product could be slightly cheaper for the quantity in the tub, overall the Clarins Instant Smoothing Self Tan is a solid 4 out of 5.


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