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New Penneys product will help you achieve this popular hair hack on TikTok

Penneys has released a brand new product inspired by a popular hair hack on TikTok.

Heatless curls have become a huge trend online over the past few months, as users have been sharing how you can transform your hair overnight with a silk rod headband.

Starting with damp or dry hair, you simply secure the band on your head with a clip, twist sections of your hair around the band (adding a little more to each section as you go) and tie each end with a scrunchie.

@erinduganjurchak OMG 😳😳😳 you gotta stick around to see the results. Wow. #hair #heatlesshair #heatlesscurls gifted by @heatless_hair ♬ Into the Thick of It! (Remix) – Sleazy Stereo

Once your hair is in place, you can go to sleep in it, and wake up with perfect curls.

The next morning simply unwrap your hair from the headband, brush through the curls, and set them with some hairspray.

Penneys clearly caught wind of the hair hack as they’re now selling heatless curl sets for just €3.

Irish fashion blogger Craig Morrissey shared a photo of the sets, which include a headband and clip, on Facebook.

His followers went wild for the sets, as many admitted they were dying to try the heatless curl hack seen on TikTok.

Check out more videos of people trying out heatless curls below:

@lillyvanbrooklyn THEY LITERALLY LOOK LIKE MY ROLLER CURLS i’m shook. #heatlesscurls ♬ Rihanna Umbrella – 𝙎𝙩𝙪𝙣𝙣𝙞𝙣𝙜 𝙈𝙪𝙨𝙞𝙘

@acquiredstyle Reply to @erecs7 I AM SHOOK!!!!! #heatlesscurls ♬ original sound – ACQUIRED STYLE

@sophiebarkleyy Curler from @hairmaidofficial #fyp #heatlesscurls #hairtok ♬ Woman – Doja Cat


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