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Irish women spend about €100k on their hair

Irish women will spend up €100k on their hair in a lifetime, sitting up to 134 days in a hairdressers chair, according to a leading Irish hairdresser. 

John Keegan, co-owner of a successful chain of barber shops and top women’s salon Academy Belle, has revealed that the time and money that women are spending looking after their locks has never been greater. 

“The average spend per female client is anything from €1,500-€2,000 a year,” he said.

L’Oreal Colour Trophy Men’s Image Award
Pic: Andres Poveda

“And that’s before you throw in a few hundred euro extra on hair products throughout the year.

“The average amount a man would spend on his hair service a year would in and around €250-€300, with an additional €200 euro on hair products like styling creams, shampoos, shaving soaps and foams.”

“This wouldn’t include additional men’s grooming products (face masks, moisturisers, eye creams) they would buy from high street stores.

John Keegan and Sandra Keegan
Pic: Brian McEvoy

“So, on haircut service and products, a particularly image-conscious man would spend anything from €600-€1,000 a year.”

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