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How to maintain your self-tan on holidays

We all have an overwhelming desire to lounge in the sun all day until we reach the inevitable, unbearable sunburn once again.

You can avoid the pain this summer by self-tanning before you head on your sun holiday.

Just keep these tips in mind to keep your summer glow looking healthy and natural:

1. Avoid an oil-based suncream 

Oil typically helps to breakdown self-tan, therefore you should avoid using an oil-based suncream when lounging in the sun.

Furthermore, if you have oily or acne-prone skin, using an oil-based sunscream will probably make matters worse.

Cream-based suncreams are also usually more preferable because they don’t feel as greasy on the skin.

2. Gently exfoliate daily

Outside factors like the pool, sea, heat and suncream will all affect how your self-tan wears off.

More often than not, it will wear off at different rates over your body, giving it a patchy effect.

Gently exfoliating your skin with either a scrub, or body wash on a loofah will help remove the patchiness, and will also help prep your skin for a fresh layer of tan.

3. Moisturise daily 

It’s also hugely important to re-hydrate your skin everyday after having been exposed to the sun, and gently exfoliating it.

Moisturising your skin will improve the longevity of your self-tan, and give it a healthier glow rather than a dry, and crusty look.

Pay particular attention to the places you normally would when applying self-tan – knees, elbows, ankles etc, which will ensure your skin is ready for its next layer of tan.

4. Top up every other day

Re-applying your tan more frequently on holidays is a must, as it wears off quicker.

It’s not a massive hardship to throw your bottle of self-tan and a mitt into your luggage, especially for a sun holiday of a week or over.

Just remember to rinse it off before you take to the pool!

5. Baby Powder

Your self-tan will wear off quicker in areas that is affected by friction. These areas tend to become sweatier quicker.

Using baby powder in these areas helps to prevent your self-tan from wearing off as quickly.

The same is true if you use it where your bikini/bra straps rub against your skin.


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