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Goss Lust List: 7 minimal makeup products for a glowy finish

Even minimal makeup requires a little bit of maintenance.


This week on the Goss Lust List, I’m sharing my ultimate beauty buys for a glowy, barely there makeup look.

Light coverage, glossy lips, brushed brows and a hint of highlight make for a model-esque makeup look, but “barely there makeup” does require quite a few products.

Here are my low-maintenance beauty heroes that save my complexion on hungover days, and keep my weekday face down to a 10-minute morning routine.

7. Glossier Cloud Paint in Dusk

Glossier as a beauty brand epitomises the “off-duty model” makeup look. Their revolutionary formulas include their Cloud Paints – liquid blushes that pack a punch when it comes to pigment.

Dusk is a natural, peachy blush tone that helps neutralise any dullness in the skin. Blend it into the apples of your cheeks, and lightly press the remainder onto your nose for a youthful glow.

6. Urban Decay Stay Naked Foundation

Urban Decay’s newest foundation offering is perfect for a pared-back look thanks to it’s buildable coverage.

The Stay Naked foundation has a matte but luminous finish, giving a subtle brightness to the skin while being the perfect canvas for blush, contour and highlight.

5. Essence Shine Shine Shine! Lipgloss

I was recommended this lip gloss by a friend a year ago and Iv’e never looked back since.

This Essence product is the shiniest, glossiest lipgloss on the market – and it’s an absolute steal at just 1.95 from Penneys.


4. Glossier Haloscope in Moonstone

Another product from Glossier, their Haloscope stick highlighters give a subtle but ultimately buildable highlight – and they last FOREVER. I bought my first one 10 months ago and it just finished this week.

The highlighters come in three shades, but Moonstone is a neutral, clear highlighter that adds a wet look to the skin. Warm up the stick on the back of your hand, before applying the product that transfers to your hand with a beauty blender for a light shine, or use the stick directly onto the face and blend for an icier look.

3. Catrice Brow Colourist Tinted brow Gel

A brushed brow is essential for looking awake and put-together.

Catrice’s tinted brow gel slowly tints your brows darker with, meaning you need less and less product to get the same effect.

2. Aimee Connolly Custom Sculpted Palette

For gals who like to top up their makeup on he go, nothing beats the customisable Aimee Connolly face palette.

Choose your own shades of face base, highlight, bronzer and blush to create a personalised colour scheme to suit your complexion, and keep the gold palette in your handbag for emergency top-ups.

  1. Lancome Hypnose Doll Eyes Mascara 

No makeup look is complete without adding emphasis to the eyelashes.

Lancome’s Hypnose Doll Eyes is a classic, and works to volumise and lengthen without creating unrealistically long, spidery lashes.