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Glitter Spray: The Latest Beauty Trend To Go Viral On TikTok

If you love a bit of sparkle, you’re going to want to try out TikTok’s latest beauty trend.

Scottish social media star Sophie Cairns went viral on the app last month after spraying her hair, face, body and clothes with a now sold-out glitter spray from Amazon – creating a gorgeous glitzy look.


Don’t know where this confidence came from #justgirlythings

♬ Im Sorry Ms.Jackson – Notfromco

Sophie’s video was viewed over 12.7million times, with over 2.1million people liking the clip.

One follower commented: “The feminine urge to be glittery.”

Another exclaimed: “Wait GLITTER SPRAY IS BACK??????”


#justgirlythings #happychristmas

♬ merry xmas – 444

Since the product Sophie uses is currently out of stock, we have found a similar product that you can buy now for a steal of a price.

Claire’s have a Silver Glitter Hair Spray on sale now for just €3.59 – which you can buy here.

Irish influencer Sophie Murray tried out the trend using the Claire’s Iridescent Glitter Spray, and the results are fab!


I’m holding an iPad

♬ yeah hot people use this sound – cxaluv



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