Home Beauty Feature: What I learned from the Makeup by Ariel Masterclass

Feature: What I learned from the Makeup by Ariel Masterclass

I got to attend the highly-anticipated workshop thanks to Carter Beauty

Ariel's final look at his London Masterclass

Any girl who knows me will know I am obsessed with Kylie Jenner – for a few reasons.

Number 1; she’s the youngest billionaire in the world (#girlboss), number 2; her killer style and number 3; her makeup.

The second Kylie created her lip kits I was buying them, every time there’s a new collection, a new drop, I’m on Kylie Cosmetics like a rash, searching for my next perfect product.

So when Carter Beauty Cosmetics invited me to London to attend Kylie’s makeup artist’s masterclass – it was a no-brainer.

Ariel Tejada is the man behind some of Kylie’s most iconic looks to date, and I was dying to know all the makeup cheats, the Kardashian-Jenner inside tips – and he did not disappoint.

On any given day Ariel could be doing Kylie’s makeup (normally takes two hours), Khloe Kardashian’s face, Kim’s or even Kris Jenners – so he knows his stuff.

Here are the biggest things I learned from the class:

Take care of those brows

Ariel spent close to 30 minutes on his models brows, drawing on the perfect strokes with an eye pencil, and then using Benefit brow gel to mould the perfect brow.

In this masterlcass, Ariel used Benefit Ready, Set BROW!.

Giorgio Armani Silk is a must-have

It’s Kylie’s most-used foundation at the moment, and one I’ve never tried.

Ariel loves glowing, dewy foundations because it works on all skin types. Mainly because he uses so much powder, so if you love the matte look, his techniques will have you as caked as you like.


Powder is your best friend

Ariel genuinely said these exact words, and I am 100% behind him.

I’m all about the matte finish, mainly because being on camera, or posing for photos on red carpets can be a nightmare when your skin isn’t matte – as you can look too shiny.

Ariel’s fix? Powder, powder, powder. With both the powders and foundation, Ariel always dabbed the product on with a sponge.


He never used a brush, and really took his time.

During the masterclass Ariel said once the right amount of powder is used your look can last so long.

“Kim has slept in her makeup for 3 days and she still wakes up looking the same,” he told us.

Less Makeup on your forehead

This is a bit of a random one, but Ariel said that Kylie specifically told him she feels if there’s lots of makeup on her forehead then she looks too caked.


So Kylie wears less of all products on her forehead, and she feels it makes her look more natural.

No harsh lines

So it seems I’ve been doing my contour wrong this whole time…

While most of us love drawing on our concealer and contour, Ariel is very against this.


Like the powder and foundation applications, Ariel dabs everything in, and takes his time.

So he puts all products on his hand first and then slowly dabs it into the skin, with contouring he said no matter how much you blend harsh lines they can still show up on camera.

And the Kardashian-Jenner clan ain’t about that life…

Always use blush

I found this one tough because personally, I hate using blush.

I always feel my skin has red undertones so I avoid it, but Ariel put a lot on his model, even on her nose.

Ariel said blush always brings your makeup look “to life”.

Kylie is a huge fan of this look as well. (I’m going to try it for a while).


Morphy’s Sweet Tea Lip Liner is a must-have

Thankfully this was in our mega goodie bags, and I swear I’ve already worn it every day.

This slightly brown lip liner is perfect under all nudes and pinks, and Ariel said he used this exact lip liner on Kim K the entire time she was blonde.

PS yes the goodie bags were out of this world! And of course, Carter Beauty had some fabulous products in there too.

Always curl your lashes

Ariel admitted he is very against eyelash extensions and prefers strip lashes or individual lashes on his clients.

But before applying them or mascara, he is all about curling those lashes.

He said to always have an eyelash curler in your makeup bag.

The Kardashian-Jenners are the ‘sweetest’

I know this isn’t a makeup tip, but it was amazing to hear little insights from Ariel.

He revealed that Kylie always does her own lip liner no matter what, that Kris is amazing, and that “the entire family is the sweetest, thankfully”.

Ariel even cried at the end of the masterclass when he thanked Kylie for giving him “the chance of a lifetime”.