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7 Reasons You Need To Try Out Sugar Cubed


The Brown Sugar salon chain is huge in Dublin, but it’s their little sister Sugar Cubed that I’ve been obsessed with the last two years.

Located on Clarendon Street (just behind the Westbury hotel) the funky salon has been my go-to place for events, last minute blow drys and everything in between.

Here’s 7 reasons I love the place.

1 The Bed Head Products


I’ve always been a massive fan of all things Bed Head since I go for a messy just out of bed look most of the time.

So I was delighted when I realised Sugar Cubed use the entire Bed Head range because I use it every day.

It’s the perfect product range to play with whether you want a messy beach hair style or you want to go sleek and smooth.


2. The Makeup Team


First things first, before I even go into the makeup details you need to understand that the mirrors in the makeup room are amazing.

I’m going to go as far and say this is the best place in Dublin to get the ultimate selfie.

I frequent the makeup room so often whether it’s for a party, a launch or a last minute event, I’m so particular about my makeup look and they get it right every time.

sugarc makeup

Makeup on fleek: One of my favourite looks from Sugar Cubed

Sugar Cubed used their own Kohl makeup line which has amazing coverage and lasts all night and they do your lashes too.

Every time I leave the makeup room I’m 100% happy and I honestly can’t say that about any other makeup artists in Dublin.


3. Their Lattes


A photo posted by Ali Ryan (@itsalirose) on

I’m a bit obsessed with taking photos of coffees everywhere I go on my Instagram account, and Sugar Cubed is one of my favourite places to do that.

As soon as you sit down you get a lovely black cup of any coffee you like, with some sugar cubes of course…


4. They Work With Extensions

I have Gold Fever Hair Extensions in my hair and I am utterly obsessed with them and honestly couldn’t live without them.

But I can’t tell you the amount of salons that refuse to work on extensions so I’ve been turned away because stylists have been too worried about working with my hair.

Thankfully Sugar Cubed don’t have that policy, and when I’m not in there getting my hair did I’m always out at Ceira Lambert’s Hair Salon in Shankill who specialise in extensions.


5. The Funky Style


I really love the whole vibe in Sugar Cubed.

It feels more modern, young and fresh than most other salons.

From their funky interior designs on the main floor to their very cool room of sinks where you get your hair washed you’ll feel super cool just being there.


6. The Staff

sugarc staff

Joanna with Storm Keating

There’s nothing worse than going to a salon and struggling to hold  conversation with your hair stylist.

This never happens at Sugar Cubed…

All the staff there are young and fun and they always remember me which is really important.


7. The Results

I don’t need to explain this one, just take a look at these Tweets:


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