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5 Hair Trends Rocking Instagram This Summer


With festivals and holidays alike looming, summer is the perfect time to get experimenting with your tresses and there’s no better place to look for inspiration then Instagram.

From Glow in the Dark hair to denim locks, there’s really a trend for everyone to try over the next three months.

With a making a hair raising statement in mind, Goss.ie list the 5 trends rocking Instagram this summer you should experiment with.

1. Denim Hair

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Forget rainbow hair when you can have the newest must-have, denim locks.

The ultimate hair look is easily coordinated with outfits and doesn’t have you worrying about clashing with your clothes.

Customize the shade to suit your mood, with varying hues from grey, blue and purple.

2. Cruella DeVil

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Cruella DeVil hair is one of the craziest hair trends we’ve seen this side of 2016.

The quirky look is a split-colour hairstyle, with one side keeping a block colour while the other half is a mix of different shades.

Bringing two completely opposite looks together, when the colours blend it looks incredible.


3. Glow in the Dark

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Amongst the pastel hues of purples, pinks and blues, glow in the dark hair has risen like a phoenix from the ashes.

The look caused a stir on Instagram and had many people taking to the social media site for inspo.

Only seen under UV light, this look may be one for the people amongst us that just want to dip their toe into the hair experimenting world.

4. Brush Lights

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Forget highlights, lowlights, or babylights this summer because it”s about brush lights.

Pioneered by hair colourists Özden Kürtür and Emrah Demirci, the technique has Instagram going crazy for this enviable balayage look.

The trend is achieved by using a paddle brush with bleach, running through the ends of hair for a natural ombré.

5. Rose Filter

Rose filter is the latest summer hair trend inspired by Instagram.

A mix between strawberry blonde and subtle copper, the shade has beauty lovers freaking out on social media, trying to achieve the look.

The lust-worthy hair look has amassed a number of famous fans including Emma Roberts.