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Psychic medium Fiona Faery explains mercury retrograde – and how it can affect your love life

In case you didn’t already know, mercury is currently in retrograde, which means you may encounter some technology blunders or misunderstandings with your loved ones.

Three to four times each year, mercury goes through a three-week long retrograde cycle when the planet appears to stop, pivot, and move backward in the sky.

Given mercury is the planet of communication, commerce, and travel, people often experience issues during this retrograde period – whether they miss a flight, have a run-in with their ex, or forget to lodge an important cheque.

While mercury being in retrograde is often associated with chaos, there are some positives to this retrograde period, which ends on October 2nd.

We spoke to psychic medium to the stars, Fiona Faery, about mercury retrograde and how we should navigate this time with caution.

The 3rd generation psychic, who provides monthly Faeryscopes on her website, also shared how this retrograde period may affect your love life – whether you’re single or in a relationship.

Fiona first discovered her ability to connect with loved-ones in spirit as a young child, and she has been using her gift to provide comfort and peace to others ever since.

She is best known for her insightful oracle, romance, and tarot card readings, and there is currently a two-year wait for her highly sought-after services.

Read what Fiona had to say about mercury retrograde below:

For those who don’t know, can you explain what mercury retrograde is?

About 3-4 times a year the planet Mercury enters a retrograde motion, which means it appears to move backwards in the night sky.

Mercury was the messenger of the gods and he governs over all communication and intellect. It always makes me smile when I see him on the interflora logo, as he is the symbol for speed and efficiency.

Hence why, when a planet enters a retrograde period, it’s shadow characteristics come to the surface.

How does mercury being in retrograde affect us?

Miscommunication, crossed wires, inefficiency and chaos arrive in tow! Since Mercury governs communication & intellect, we can become paranoid and jump to conclusions.

Given the rise in countless communication apps in recent years such as WhatsApp, TikTok, Twitter etc there are now hundreds of new ways we can be offended and mis-interpret what is being conveyed!

Technology can go on the blink, servers can go down, digital files can be lost and computers can crash during retrograde season.

Mercury is in retrograde in the sign of Libra right now, what does this mean?

Libra is the sign of balance. This beautiful new moon in Libra is guiding us to reconnect with friends.

Meet up in the physical, plan a coffee date and catch up! Restore order to your social life.

Perhaps step away from the online world and into the physical and meet other humans!

Is there anything we should avoid during this time?

The old chestnut of signing contracts. Starting something new or verbally agreeing to something.

If you have to, triple check all details. Take your time. Caution is key!

There’s often negative associations with mercury being in retrograde, but is there anything positive about this period?

It’s a great time to blitz your wardrobe. Donate to charity and do a clear out of all that clutter!

Remember the 3 R’s of Retrograde: Review. Reflect. Rethink.

Review any existing plans for the year ahead and check if the still align with your personal and professional goals.

Reflect on what your needs are. Is everything going the way you thought it would, do you need to make some adjustments?

Rethink anything that has made you feel under too much pressure or has begun to feel unrealistically attainable. It’s perfectly ok to change your mind.

How might mercury being in retrograde affect your love life, whether you’re single or in a relationship?

The case of the ex! M.R’s are famous for exes returning from the past. It’s the worst time possible to hook up with an ex as you may have rose tinted glasses on and project what you want to see instead of the truth.

M.R can play havoc with our gut instinct and we can be blinded by lust. Keep them at bay until Mercury goes direct on October 2nd when your common sense returns!

For those in relationships, communication is key. That intense retrograde energy can lead to power struggles over who was the last one to buy milk or put the bins out.

You may feel resentful over really small things but they can build into massive issues if you don’t verbalise yourself feelings.

Take a walk together, talk about your dreams for the future, make love! M.R is a wonderful time to be grateful for what you have, reinforcing those bonds you have already built.

What are your top tips for getting through mercury retrograde?

Patience is a virtue! Expect the unexpected! Plan for everything and factor in extra time for delays.

Do not leave it until the last minute to submit assignments or important documents as you can be guaranteed your systems will crash.

Give yourself a social media break! Get out for a walk and ground yourself. Have a long soak in the bath. Pamper yourself. Most importantly try to see the funny side! Roll with the changes and try not to get caught up in the drama.

Mercury goes direct on October 2nd! Watch that last week as there’s usually a sting in the tail!


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