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Here are the top dating trends for summer 2022

With the weather getting warmer as we head into the summer, dating trends are heating up.

Bumble, the women-first social networking app, has shared dating trends that are popping up this summer.

Take a look:

Hobby dating

As the weather gets warmer, the Irish beaches will become filled with sea swimmers, why not bring your match for a stroll on the beach and a dip in the ocean?

56% of adults in Ireland found a new appreciation for outdoor activities during the pandemic. Dive deeper into your connection by sharing your past-times and passions with your match whether it is sea swimming, knitting or going for bike rides in the evenings.

Over half of adults in Ireland picked up a new hobby during the pandemic according to Bumble research, so why not put them to good use!

In Ireland, some of the top interest badges on Bumble include: pubs, dogs, gigs, cooking, football and comedy, with 1 in 4 (27%)* of us planning dates around our new hobbies.  

Power PDA

After two years of staying apart, new couples now can’t keep away as power PDA has become more prevalent across Ireland.

You may not always be in agreement with your partner about public affection. Bumble’s dating and relationships expert Dr. Caroline West suggests that you have an open conversation about your feelings of PDA to eliminate any uncomfortable conversations or encounters when with friends or in public.

Consciously single

The pandemic has given people time to realise what they want in a partner with many Irish people deciding to take a break from dating.

Recent research from Bumble which found the Romance Gap saw that 63% of adults in Ireland state that women are expected to prioritise finding a relationship and settle down before they are ‘too old’’, and that women are taking control of their dating lives with this new mindset of being consciously single.


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