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Everything You Need To Know About Sustainable Period Products

Recent years have seen a huge push for things to become more sustainable.

While we are well used to using sustainable coffee cups, water bottles and reusable straws, sustainable period products are completely new to a lot of us.

Switching to reusuable pads, menstrual cups, or even period underwear can massively help the environment by cutting back on plastic waste.

We’ve complied a list of some sustainable products available and what you need to know about each one, if you’re looking to make a small switch that can make a huge difference.

Take a look:

Menstrual Cup

The menstrual cup has been around for quite some time, and but it has been growing in popularity more and more in recent years.

Like a tampon, you insert the cup – which is usually made of silicone or rubber – into your vagina.

Menstrual cups can hold more blood than other products, meaning they could be a great option for someone with a heavy flow. Depending on your flow, you may be able to wear your cup for up to twelve hours before needing to empty, clean and reinsert it.

You can use a small bit of lubricant to insert your cup in a similar way you would a tampon. Once inserted, you should not be able to feel your cup.

A menstrual cup is super sustainable as it cuts back on waste due to it’s reusable nature, and they are available to purchase in Boots Ireland here.

Period Underwear 

Primark period underwear

Period underwear is another great reusable option for your time of the month. These look and feel like your regular underwear, but have a built in absorbent and protective feature. They contain layers of protection to ensure no leaks and no odour.

If you’re not sure about making the switch, using period underwear on lighter flow days or as a back up while wearing a pad or tampon is a great way to introduce them before fully committing to going without a pad or tampon.

Period underwear can be worn all day if you’re comfortable. Once you’ve taken them off you should rinse them in cold water before popping them in the washing machine. Allow to airdry and they’re good to be used again.

There are a number of period pants available on the market depending on your desired fit, look and flow. We love Penneys range of period underwear. There’s a wide range of styles and colour options for a really affordable price, and they’re easy to get your hands on.

Reusable Period Pads 

Reusable period pads are another great way to cut down on disposable and single use plastic during your cycle.

Like a regular pad, you attach these to your underwear during your period. They usually come in a range of sizes and lengths, so you can choose what best suits you.

Like the period underwear, these pads a layered to be absorbent while also preventing leaks. Most packets of reusable pads come with a pouch to keep used pads in, so you can change while out and about.

To wash you can pop them in your washing machine with your regular detergent and let air dry. Your pads could last for a couple of years if cared for properly.

How cute are these floral print reusable pads from Holland & Barrett?

Eco-Friendly Tampons 

We Are Riley | Instagram

Eco-friendly tampons are a great way to cut back on plastic waste. Most companies who offer eco-friendly tampons opt to use more environmentally friendly and recyclable materials.

For example, Irish company Riley use sugar cane to create their tampon applicators rather than plastic. Once you rinse off your applicator, you can put it in the recycle bin.

Other options include buying a reusable applicator, so you can opt for applicator free tampons and just use your own applicator, significantly cutting down on plastic waste. Just rinse after use and dry, ready to use again.



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