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5 Things to Avoid on a First Date

First dates can be a nerve-wracking experience to say the least.

If you are finally ready to return to the dating scene after months of lockdowns, we have some tips to help you make a good, lasting impression on your first date.

Here’s what NOT to do on your first date:

Talk about your ex 

Talking about your ex is an obvious no-go on the first date.

Sometimes it can be hard to avoid the topic as discussing past relationships may happen on a first date, but a brief synopsis is fine – there’s no need to relive your whole relationship and break-up on your first date.

Discussing the ex with your new date will only make them think you’re not over them and it might squash your chances of a second date.

Leave the past in the past and instead, focus on the present moment with your potential new beau.

Be on your phone 

It can be hard to switch off from the online world, but it is important to do so on a first date.

While it is a good idea to text your friends/family when you’re about to arrive at your date so they know where you are and that you are safe, try to put your phone away while on the date.

If you’re on your phone while getting to know someone new, they will probably assume you are not interested and not ask you out again.

You can always send an update to your pals while your date or you are in the bathroom, but be present when you’re together so they can really get to know you.

Show up late

Don’t leave your date waiting or you will start the date on a bad note before you’ve even met them.

If you’re planning on using public transport to get to your date, make sure you leave some extra time to get there incase of traffic or delays.

Try to avoid being late at all costs, but if it does happen, make sure to drop your date a text or call them to let them know you are on route but have been slightly delayed so they don’t think you’ve stood them up.

When you arrive, make sure to apologise for being late, because tardiness can be a real turn-off for some people.

Come on too strong

If you’re interested in someone, it’s a good idea to express that you’re enjoying the date and that you’d like to see them again, but don’t over do it.

There’s a difference between being interested and coming on to strong, which might give your date “the ick”.

Maybe save the conversation about what you’re going to name your kids and how you want to be engaged by next year until a bit further down the line!

It’s only the first date, so play it cool and hopefully there’ll be many more.

Make the conversation all about you

A conversation goes two-ways, so make sure you’re listening as much as you’re talking.

Be sure to ask your date questions about themselves to get to know them better, while also sharing a little bit about yourself.

If you don’t listen well enough, you might will miss out on some important things your date has to say, or may not react to what they’ve said correctly.

Also avoid interrupting your date while they’re speaking. If you have something to say, wait until they’ve finished their sentence to say it so you don’t come across as rude.


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