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40 of the biggest ‘icks’ that get people dumped

Have you ever started dating someone and then they do something, or you notice something, and it simply makes your skin crawl?

That, my friends, is called the “ick”.

The “ick” is when you get a sudden cringe feeling towards someone you’re dating that almost immediately puts you off them.

The “ick” can be caused by anything, whether it’s a major red flag or a minor bad habit.

According to a survey commissioned by Seeking, having a bad tattoo and being rude to wait staff are just some “icks” that have gotten people dumped.

The poll, which was completed by 2,000 single or actively dating adults, found that half of the respondents (49%) had broken up with a partner because of an “ick”.

Seeking’s dating expert Emma Hathorn said: “People are very set on what they want, which is empowering. Online dating has opened up a whole new world of singles, which means people can afford to have higher standards.”

“And if an absolute deal-breaker for you is someone who never wears sunglasses indoors or chews with their mouth open, that’s absolutely fair enough.”

Two thirds of respondents said they were “picky” when it comes to dating, while 22% admitted they were “very picky”.

“The current trend in dating at the moment is ‘dating up’ – finding someone who can better and elevate their own lifestyle,” Hathorn added.

“So, the goal for all singletons is to not only be someone who can help someone else ‘date up’ – but find someone who can elevate themselves at the same time.”

“As with all things in life, it’s about finding that exact balance that works for you, and this can be tricky if you are totally inflexible in who you date.”

“Keeping an open mind is key, and you may find someone who elevates your life in every way possible – even if they wear terrible shoes.”

According to the survey, these are the top 40 things that give people the “ick”:

  • Smelling bad
  • Pretending to be more knowledgeable about something than they actually are
  • Being overbearing and rude
  • Double texting (sending a secondary text if you’ve not responded after the first one)
  • Having bad teeth
  • Being rude to a waiter
  • Living in a mess
  • Having dirty fingernails
  • Chewing with their mouth open
  • Being too clingy
  • Talking too loud
  • Eating and talking at the same time
  • Being obsessed with their star signs
  • Having long fingernails
  • Putting on a baby voice
  • Wearing too much make-up
  • Breathing heavily
  • Oversharing on social media
  • Referring to themselves in third person
  • Having a bad tattoo
  • Wearing a weird coloured lipstick
  • Having shoes that are too dirty
  • Having an Instagram account for their pet
  • Referring to their football team as ‘we’
  • Clapping when an airplane lands
  • Wearing bad jeans
  • Wearing sunglasses indoors
  • Taking longer than you to get ready
  • Having too many shirt buttons undone
  • Wearing shoes you don’t like
  • Living at home with parents
  • Not wearing socks with shoes
  • Wanting to share food on the first date
  • Wearing a tacky watch
  • Using emojis in texts
  • Wearing socks to bed
  • Not paying on the first date
  • Wearing creased clothes
  • Saying pet names like ‘honey’ or ‘baby’
  • Pronouncing David Bowie’s name wrong

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