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10 Modern Dating Terms Explained

We don’t know about you, but modern dating is an absolute enigma to us, especially in 2022.

While the opportunity to date is literally at our fingertips thanks to dating apps and websites, the dating game is truly more complicated than ever.

With that comes a slew of new dating terms, so to help you out we’ve decoded 10 of the most common ones below.


This is no doubt the most common and well-known term on this list.

Ghosting is when the person you’re romantically interested in suddenly disappears without a trace.

There’s no “it’s not you, it’s me” text, no “it’s over” phone call, there’s just… nothing.

To put it lightly, it’s pretty brutal, and should teach you to never do the same to someone else!


Haunting is sometimes what happens next after being ghosted.

If someone suddenly ghosts you, but continues to watch your Instagram Stories and ‘like’ your posts on social media – we hate to tell you gal, but you’re being haunted.

Haunting can be super frustrating, especially if you’re struggling to get over the person who ghosted you in the first place.


Zombie-ing is when someone ghosts you, then decides to come back from the dead by reaching out to you.

Whether it’s a text, Insta DM, or phone call, the ‘zombie’ will generally pretend like they never ghosted you at all – which is the most frustrating part.

In some scenarios, you may decide to give the ‘zombie’ another chance – but be careful ladies, as they could ditch you again, leaving you feeling even worse than before.


Pocketing is when you’re dating someone for a while and they completely avoid introducing you to their friends or family.

This essentially means they’re keeping you ‘in their pocket’ until they decide how they feel about you.


Cloaking is basically a much harsher version of ghosting.

The term is inspired by Harry Potter’s invisible cloak, and involves the person you’re seeing basically falling off the face of the earth.

Not only do they ghost you, but they also block you on all platforms – leaving you totally in the dark.


Benching is when you have two potential suitors, but you decide to ‘bench’ one of them.

If one is giving you a bit more, you might decide to put the other one on ice without completely cutting them out until you make up your mind.

Then if the first option doesn’t work out, you can pick up where you left off with the other guy.


Breadcrumbing is when someone leads you on by dropping small bits of interest every now and again.

They’ll send you an occasional text or DM, or even organise plans with you, but they’ll never fully commit to a relationship.


Curving is basically another form of breadcrumbing.

If you’ve started chatting to a potential love interest but they keep cancelling on dates last minute or coming up with excuses, we hate to tell you honey – but you’ve been curved.


Roaching is one of the newest terms to be coined in the world of dating.

Roaching is what happens when the person you’ve been dating for a while is hiding the fact that they’re also seeing other people.

It’s inspired by the theory that whenever you see one cockroach, there are several more that you’re not seeing.


Vampiring is when you start dating someone in the same field, who just wants to suck contacts out of you.

Once they get what they want from you, they’ll ditch you in a flash – leaving you feeling used.


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