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U2 fans furious fight for 2k Dublin gig tickets

An American U2 fan, who paid a hefty €1,900 to see U2 in Dublin flew halfway across the world, only to be told that her tickets were “no longer available.”

Brooke Bradley paid for the tickets through a secondary outlet of Ticketmaster International called in September, and was promised her tickets would be waiting for her at the hotel she had booked in Dublin.

Following the 37-year-old getting on a transatlantic flight and arriving at her hotel in Dublin, she was told that the tickets were not available.

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Dedication: The fan flew halfway across the world to see the rock stars in action | VIPIRELAND.COM

The furious fan went on to radio show Liveline to express her disappointment, but was then left pleasantly surprised when Ticketmaster Ireland intervened and managed to get her two tickets for tomorrow nights gig.

Speaking to Joe Duffy, she said, “I got here and they told me I have no tickets.

“I sent an email to their public relations email address so then within an hour I get an email back saying, ‘We are so sorry but sadly your tickets are no longer available. We hope you are not too disappointed. You will get your refumd in three to five days’.”

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Dream come true: Ticketmaster arranged tickets for the disappointed fan | VIPIRELAND.COM

She then went on to explain why she had bought the tickets in the first place, and said it involves trying to mend a broken heart.

“I splurged because I was treating myself to my once-in-a-lifetime trip. I am trying to get over a broken heart in the States,” she added.


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