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The Rubberbandits to front new ITV gameshow


The Rubberbandits are set to be commentators on a new ITV2  game show.

The UK station have recruited the Limerick duo to be the voices behind the new Impossible Game Show.

The series comes from the producers of Total Wipeout and will include tough physical challenges as riding a tiny bike at speed along a very narrow beam and shaking velcro croissants off a velco bodysuit.


New show: The Rubberbandits will be commentators on a new ITV series

The tasks are “so difficult” that contestants are given 50 lives to complete just five of them.

The Horse Outside stars will be providing the voice over for the series which Endemol producers have promised will be a twisted, surreal take on all the action.

Six episodes of Impossible Game Show will air on ITV2 later this year.

The Rubberbandits are also working on a recreation of the 1916 rising to be aired early next year.