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The Perfect Party Dress You Can Wear In Different Ways – From Starla Dresses


ruched navy1

I admittedly go to a serious amount of parties – not only for events in Dublin but in London too, and in 10 days I’ll be in LA attending Oscar parties, so I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect dress.

I had seen lots of multi-way floor-length dresses for bridesmaids but now I’ve found a short version in none other than Starla Dresses.

Located on South William Street in Dublin, the boutique offer a wide range of party dresses, ball gowns and more and I fell in love with this multi-way look.

ruched grey

They have an amazing sale on right now, and this is a complete and utter steal at €29.

They have this Ruched Multi-Way Dress in Grey  and they’ve got the same dress in a stunning Navy  (which I’ll be wearing at one of the Oscars parties I’m attending the week after next.

Like every girl, I’m always feel self-conscious trying on dresses, but with the ruched detail in this dress, it smooths out your tummy and the multi-way design means you can cover up any areas you want, from your arms, to your back.

You can get these dresses in store now, or check out www.starla.ie