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Sile Seoige opens up on split from her ex: 'I'm happy to no longer be married'


Sile Seoige has revealed that she is “very happy” to no longer be married to her ex-husband Glen Mulcahy, describing their separation as “the right thing to do”.

The 36-year-old married Glen back in 2006, but the pair decided to go their separate ways in 2009, with Sile adamant that the exes do still remain friends.

“I married 10 years ago and am now no longer married and very happy about that,” she said.

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Happy: Sile is happy to no longer be married | ROBBIE REYNOLDS

“Separating was the right thing for us to do. We are both very happy, both very friendly – which is not always easy – and we are very lucky to have that.”

The TV star is now happily dating Garda Damien O’Farrell, and mentioned that in future she would like to keep her personal life private – having been “too open” in the past.

“I was 26 then, I am 36 now. I was wide eyed and innocent. I have been working in television since I was 19 but with my private life, I was too open,” she told RSVP Magazine.

“Obviously you can talk to people in different pockets of their life and they can be happy or not happy depending on what’s going on.

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Privacy: Sile won’t be so open about her private life in the future | VIPIRELAND.COM

“I spoke very openly in the past about relationships and it was true at the time, things change and you see it printed again, it might have grown legs and then it hurts.”

The brunette beauty revealed that despite being used to the media attention, it may hurt other people and their families who haven’t signed up for the intrusion.

“I am kind of used to it but it may hurt the other person or their family. Suddenly another family’s name is mentioned and they have nothing to do with me or a certain person anymore,” she said.

“I have never gone out with anyone in the public eye and private people don’t sign up for the media attention.”