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Sharing The Love, Skins and Your Top Friends: 11 Reasons We Miss Bebo



Sure these days we’re all about Twitter, Snapchat and Facebook but remember the good ole days of Bebo?

I personally remember using Bebo to literally scan in my Debs photos in 2007, as well as queuing up at the local computer centre in San Diego to check if anyone had “shared the love” while I was on my J1.

Here’s the 11 reasons we miss Bebo (never forget!).


1. Writing on people’s walls

bebo profile

These days everyone is sneaking around on Snapchat or Facebook Messanger, but back in the day your only option was to share a public message.

Unlike Twitter there was no word count – so everyone used to get essay long messages.

The best part about this was everyone was stalking everyone’s profile and reading people’s conversations. I’m pretty sure you didn’t even get proper notifications if people wrote on your wall – so I was constantly pressing ‘refresh’.

Oh how I miss the old days of a dial-up internet connection


2. Sharing The Love

share the luv bebo

Most people’s favourite memory of Bebo is sharing the love.

You were limited to only sharing three love hearts a day, and I think we all remember how sad we were when our mates or the person we fancied didn’t give us one of their love hearts.

When you think about it Bebo created the original love heart that we’ve all grown to love now on Instagram and most recently Twitter.


3. Your Top 16

top 16 bebo

Ah don’t you miss the days when you could rate your friends in order of how sound they were?

There used to be murder over people’s Top 16 Friends – either someone wasn’t included or one of your mates got kicked down to the 10th position.

Facebook tried to do the same thing at the start but it didn’t stick – and you used to have top friends on Snapchat too. I’m guessing people are too sensitive these days…


4. Writing Ridiculously Long Profiles

bebo skin 3

The one main difference between Bebo and Facebook was that you could write as much as you wanted about yourself on your homepage.

Sometimes this was a bad thing as you ended up getting people’s life stories when you just wanted to take a gawk at their Top 16 really.

It was a good way to introduce yourself to people though, once Facebook came in it was a bit of a game changer, I guess we all became more mysterious…


5. Your Other Half

other half

Another thing we loved snooping on was people’s other half.

The best part about this was not only could you tell the whole world you were dating someone new (and linking to their profile) Bebo was also the original social network that let you choose the “It’s complicated” option.

Slightly awkward when you could find out if mates of yours were going through a bit of a messy time in their relationship, but it was the best place to suss out if someone was single.


6. Writing Your Favourite Things

bebo favourite

As well as being able to write a novel-length description of who you were and what you wanted out of life, you could also list your past times.

From your favourite movies and songs to the sports you liked, you could even list the things you were “scared of” as well as what your “likes” were.

There used to be some funny things up there!


7. Your Playlist

bebo homepage

Facebook have been trying to incorporate this onto their pages, and while they have done some stuff with Spotify, Bebo killed it when it came to Playlists.

Featuring heavily towards the end of Bebo days, you were able to create playlists of your favourite songs and videos and place them on top of your page.

I’m sure Apple Music will do something similar with the other social media networks soon.


8. Bebo Skins


Definitely the thing I miss the most about Bebo are the skins.

We had way too much creative control over our own pages (exhibit A above). From pink princess backgrounds to seriously over the top goth designs, we had it all.

Once we moved over to Facebook everything went all white… and while we did get to create skins on Twitter, it was never the same really.


9. Whiteboard

whiteboard bebo

An often forgotten feature of Bebo, the Whiteboard was pretty cool.

You could draw on people’s whiteboards or leave little funny messages – like having a mini whiteboard in your gaf.

Sometimes it got rude, but sure that’s probably why we loved it so much.


10. Slideshows

bebo slideshow widget

Bebo was the first social network to really focus on your photos.

We all uploaded millions of albums but the slideshow was the best.

Instead of having to go through every single photo you could just press play on the slideshow, awh when life was so simple…


11. The Friends Quiz


Last but certainly not least, remember the Friends Quiz?

Once you became friends with someone you could answer a list of questions like how you became friends, what you’ve done together etc.

Would love to test the same knowledge on my mates these days…

Now you can download Bebo as an app and restore all your old photos, but the original Bebo is dead and gone (sad face).

new bebo