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Shane Filan promises his new solo album is much 'better' than his first


Shane Filan has revealed that his new album is much better than his first one and it has better songs.

Chatting to Eoghan McDermott on 2fm the former Westlife star said that the new album has more ballads compared to his first one.

“I think its a better vocal album, I think it’s a better song album and I think it’s just better in general,” he said.


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“I just wanted to up my game on an album, you want to get better every time you come out with an album, you want it to be better than the last album.

“That was my aim with this album, make a better album, I still love my first album but you just want to try and improve as you go along and ballads wise there is more ballads on this album,” he added.

The Sligo native admitted his first album lacked the bigger tunes but his new music is taking him in the right direction.

“The album did very well, the support I had for it was amazing but I just felt it was missing the big ballads, especially when I went on tour. Me and The Moon is a perfect example of where I want the music to go. As you said it’s not Westlife but Westlife fans still love it,” he told Eoghan.

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The 36-year-old who went solo last year after a successful stint with Westlife admitted that the band never really took off in America because boybands were over played and dying out.

“Westlife didn’t really do anything in America, our first album it went over their and it was just a bad time for boy bands, N*Sync Backstreet Boys things were kind of ending at the time so we went over their when Eminem and all that was kicking off and they were like ‘No boybands’.

“They literally just couldn’t play us on radio at all, it was nearly against the rules. It was over done with N*Sync and Backstreet Boys but we obviously has the rest of the world so we were very happy so we couldn’t complain, we were happy with what we had I suppose,” he revealed.

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The father-of-three is about to embark on a US tour as a completely unknown singer.

“But me going over their now I’m totally a new person unless there’s people their who might recognise a bit of Swear It Again, that was the only dong that ever did well over their,” he added.

As Shane builds his solo career he admitted that he’s excited about touring on his own and entering new territories.

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“No its exciting, to a certain degree even in Ireland and England you are still starting again, it’s not Westlife, no matter who you are it’s all about the songs nowadays especially for radio and stuff like that so I think going to any country now it’s new for me,” he said.

Shane has just released his latest single Me And The Moon and revealed that is different to his other music.

“The reaction to Me And The Moon it has been the best reaction by a mile to any of my songs, even all over the world. It’s a bit edgy, it’s pop but a little bit of an edge to it, it’s current for radio at the moment, I think the album in general quite current and that’s what I wanted,” he explained.