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Scream, The Shining and more: Goss.ie's top horror movies to Hocus Pocus and Chill to


It’s that time of year again boys and girls.

Halloween isn’t just an excuse to go on the lash and dress up like a slutty cat (or a slutty nurse, or a slutty nun or a slutty slut) – it’s also the one time of year you’re supposed to let yourself get seriously scared.

If you don’t fancy going out this year – put the kettle on, curl up on the sofa, turn off all the lights and ignore those strange bumping noises coming from upstairs.

Goss.ieĀ gives you our top movies to Hocus Pocus and Chill to.


The Shining (1980)


Every genre has it’s old school classics and horror is no exception.

The story of a Jack Torrance and his family’s winter stay at The Overlook Hotel has terrified audiences for years and gave us one of the most famous catchphrases in movie history in “Here’s Johnny!”

The movie also contains some truly iconic scenes – the hallway full of blood, Jack chasing his son through the snowy maze and the axe through the bathroom door.


2. You’re Next (2011)

you're next

You’re Next will make you never want to have another family get together again.

Sharni Vinson (better known as Cassie off Home And Away) attends her boyfriend’s parents wedding anniversary party and the family drama alone had us hooked to find out what would happen next.

Things take a turn for the worst when a group of masked intruders start firing arrows through the windows and before you know it – the bodies start to pile up.

If blood and guts and some good old fashion black comedy are your thing – this is the perfect movie to watch with bae.


3. It Follows (2014)

it follows

If there was ever a movie to warn teens of the dangers of sex – It Follows is that movie.

The flick tells the story of a young girl named Jay who has the worst one night stand in history that leaves her cursed with an evil demonic spirit following her every move.

A strange figure who can make itself look like any person or thing in the world soon begins stalking her and to make matters worse – she’s the only person who can see it.

The only way for poor Jay to get rid of the demon is by having sex with someone else and passing the curse on to them – which would be a really lousy thing to do to be fair.

Still, as a movie that predominantly centers around the theme of getting the ride, this is a great date movie to Netflix and Chill to.


4. Boy Eats Girl (2005)

boy eats girl

We couldn’t do a horror movie list without including at least one Irish attempt at the genre.

Boy Eats Girl tells the oldest story in the world.

Boy fancies girl, but hasn’t the guts to her – boy ends up dying and is resurrected by his mother with a satanic book of spells she stole off her local priest – boy still fancies girl but now wants to eat her along with everyone else.

Alright, we fess up – this movie isn’t exactly scary but it does provide some good laughs and also features a host of Irish stars including Samantha Mumba, Laurence Kinlan and Deirdre O’Kane – what more do you want?


5. Scream (1996)


At a time when nobody was watching horror movies anymore, Scream changed everything when Drew Barrymore answered the phone to a strange voice asking: “What’s your favourite scary movie?”

Scream taught everyone the rules of how to survive a horror movie and then broke them all.

If you’ve ever thought you had relationship problems, just remember – at least you’re not dating a serial killer (well, probably not).


6. Sinister (2012)


You will never be able to watch your family home videos the same way again after viewing Sinister.

Ethan Hawke stars as an author of crime books who decides to up and move his family into a house where the previous residents were all murdered – brilliant idea.

When he finds a box of old videos with the very innocent title of “Home movies” he decides to give them a watch – not such a brilliant idea.

Sinister is full of moments that will make you jump out of your seat and gave us one of the scariest movie monsters in years.

Don’t forget to check what’s at the bottom of the swimming pool next time you go for a dip.


7. The Descent (2005)


The Descent is one of the few horror films that really celebrates girl power.

Sure, most scary movies have a girl left at the end – but is she a rock climbing expert with a knack for killing inbred monsters in pitch blackness? Usually not.

A group of girls (including Irish actress Nora Jane Noone) who love the outdoors decide to explore a cave together only to find out they’re not alone.

The Descent was loved by audiences and critics alike and also featured a really brilliant (or awful, depending on your taste) twist ending that will leave you reeling.


8. The Slumber Party Massacre (1982)

slumber party

Ok, we know what you’re thinking – what a stupid name for a movie – and you’re not wrong.

The Slumber Party Massacre is one of those movies that falls into the category of: “So bad, it’s good”.

The flick tells the story of a group of high school girls (who all happen to have huge boobs) who decide to have a sleep-over on the same night that a serial killer has escaped from the local insane asylum – what rotten luck.

The girls start to suspect something strange might be going on when they order a pizza and the delivery boy arrives to the door as a lifeless corpse (which still doesn’t stop one of them from chowing down on the pepperoni).

While not a masterpiece of cinema, this movie provides a good laugh and like all good 80s horror films, the girl’s all take their close off for no reason.


9. 28 Days Later (2002)

28 days laterr

As if being in a coma isn’t a terrifying enough idea – this movie explores what happens after you wake up.

Irish actor Cillian Murphy stars as Jim, a young man who wakes up in hospital 28 days after a car accident only to find the world has been transformed by a nasty virus.

Also starring veteran screen star Brendan Gleeson, this apocalyptic action-fest is definitely one not to be missed.


10. Insidious (2011)


While first looking like your standard haunted house movie – Insidious turns out to be something a lot more interesting.

When a couple move into a new house with their kids, their son Dalton soon slips into a mysterious coma that doctor’s can’t explain.

Soon after, things start to go bump in the night – seriously, this movie will have you jumping every five minutes.


11. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974)


No horror movie list is complete without The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

This movie is so terrifying, it was banned in Ireland (and nine other countries) for several years.

Telling the story of a group of friends who find themselves on the back roads of Texas, they soon come across a strange family with even stranger eating habits.

Cue lots of blood, lots of screaming and lots of chainsaws.


12. The Babadook (2014)


Movie critics are notoriously hard to please but they universally loved this Australian indie flick.

A depressed mother discovers an unusual children’s book atop a cupboard in her home about a strange creature called The Babadook and reads it to her young son – big mistake.

For anyone who’s not too fond of blood and gore – The Babadook perfectly demonstrates that what you don’t see can be even scarier than what you do.


13. Wolf Creek (2005)


Another Aussie offering, Wolf Creek will make you think twice about who you accept help from when you’re on holiday.

The flick tells the story of Kirsty and Liz, two English girls who take the trip of a lifetime backpacking across Australia with their friend Ben.

When their car breaks down one night in the middle of the outback, a mysterious headlight appears out of the darkness to come and save the day – or so they think.

Not so eager to go interrailing now, are we?


14. Them (2006)


Believe it or not, the French are known for their uber-scary horror movies.

Them follows a young couple named Clementine and Lucas who are woken up one night to discover their car being driven away by an unseen figure.

Soon the pair realise that there house is being watched by a group of hooded lunatics hell bent on getting inside.

If that wasn’t disturbing enough, wait untill the big reveal when you find out who’s hiding under the hoods…