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Rooney Mara GUSHES over Ireland: 'The Irish people made me so proud'

Rooney Mara has opened up about her Irish heritage and her fondness of the Emerald Isle.

The A-list actress visited Ireland while shooting her latest flick The Secret Scriptures and admitted that she has always had a fondness for the Emerald Isle.

“To be back in Ireland where we’ve been coming since I was a child, and to be working with an Irish director,” she said.

Jim Sheridan films The Secret Scripture in North Dublin

Secret Scripture: Rooney filmed her latest film in Ireland | VIPIRELAND.COM

“I’ve idolised all my life, was beyond belief. I was pinching myself on a daily basis while we were working,” she told The Sun.

The Social Network actress worked with Irish director Jim Sheridan for the upcoming flick which stars Jack Reynor and Love/Hate’s Tom Vaughan Lawlor.

While visiting the Emerald Isle, the Side Effects star celebrated the Irish referendum on same-sex marriage.

“The Irish people made me so proud, not just for holding the first referendum on the subject, but for how overwhelmingly they said yes to love,” she admitted.


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The New York native has opened up about her Irish roots as her family is of Irish-American heritage.

“My dad is one of 11 children and there’s over 40 of us grandchildren. I had a very normal, nice childhood,

“With an older sister and brother and one younger brother, we were your regular large Irish-Catholic family,” she added.


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