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RTE Rebellion star stopped in Dublin airport with a BULLET in his bag

Rebellion cast member Paul Reid has revealed that he was stopped by security in Dublin airport for having a bullet in his bag.

The 33-year-old, who plays lead character Elizabeth’s fiancée Stephen in Rebellion, told how he waltzed into security in a rush to catch a flight, only to realise he had brought along one of the set props that looks VERY much like the real thing.

“I was going to my friends wedding in Croatia… I was going through security – and there was a bullet in my bag,” he told

“And I was like, someone planted a f**king bullet in my bag – in the airport!”


Rebellious: Paul took a bullet from the set of Rebellion

“So security came down and I just couldn’t explain it, I kind of found it funny as well but I was like ‘I have to get this flight!'”

It was only when the security started questioning him that Paul started to freak out trying to explain himself as they put the bullet in a bag that looked like evidence from a crime scene.

“They put the bullet in this thing like it was evidence, so I was like ‘f**king hell!’ and I was like ‘I swear to God we’re doing a TV show’, and I said ‘look at this tache, do you think I wear this for myself? I’m doing a TV show!’,” he laughed.

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Popular: Paul stars in Rebellion alongside Sarah Greene | VIPIRELAND.COM

Eventually Paul, who previously starred in RTÉ drama Raw, got away with it – but not without persuading the head of security a little bit.

“Eventually the head of security came down… and she kind of had a twinkle in her eye so I was like ok I might get away with this now.”

“I just took out my phone, but I was shaking so much I couldn’t even show them pictures of all of us [the cast] having the crack with guns and all,” he joked.

When the head of security seemed unsure about whether he was actually filming for a TV show, Paul tried to reassure her by saying, “I swear to God it’s gonna be out next year, it’s brilliant!”

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Dodged a bullet: Paul, whose friends with Laurence Kinlan had a run in with security | VIPIRELAND.COM

It’s no wonder the airport security took the findings of the bullet so seriously as the bullets are specially made ‘blank’ bullets from the Czech Republic, so they would look pretty similar to an actual bullet.

The use of ‘blank’ bullets shows how much attention to detail there is in the show as they use the real ‘pop’ from gunfire during their action scenes.

Finally Paul was let go to catch his flight, but not without chancing his arm at getting the bullet back.

“She goes ‘I’m gonna keep it’ and I said ‘Ah it’s kind of like a souvenir’ and she just said, ‘Don’t push it!’,” he added.

The second episode of Rebellion airs on RTÉ One on Sunday January 10 at 9.30pm.


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