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10 Reasons Why Nicky Byrne Can Win The Eurovision

With the news this week that Nicky Byrne is representing Ireland at this year’s Eurovision – there has been debate on whether Nicky can bring home the winning title.

RTE have scrapped their Eurosong competition and Nicky has already released our official entry song.

With a strong fan base, years of experience and huge talent, here’s why we think Nicky can win it:



1. He’s Already A Superstar

Nicky Byrne Million Euro Challenge

One thing that will certainly stand to Nicky this here is how well known he is.

The Dubliner is recognised world-wide and already has thousands of fans from his Westlife days.

Being on stage for 14 years, Nicky knows exactly what it’s like to be in the spotlight, and he can handle the pressure!


2. He Really Can Sing

Okay so everyone has slagged off the Westlife boys for just sitting on stools and doing lots of air grabbing, but remember Nicky was in the band for a reason.

Manager Louis Walsh put these lads together because they had the talent, and Nicky’s still got it.

The release of his Eurovision track already proves the singer has a cracking voice.


3. He’s A Top Class Dancer


Not only did he perform choreographed dances with Westlife, Nicky also competed in Strictly Come Dancing.

Nicky stole the show at the Westlife farewell gigs, having fans swooning to his dance moves, but the Dublin star competed professionally too.

The father-of-three was a huge hit with viewers on the BBC show, and we’re expecting some killer moves on the Eurovision stage.


4. He Co-Wrote His Eurovision Entry


It’s not often that a boy band star can pen their own lyrics, but Nicky helped out with his Eurovision song Sunlight.

The 2FM presenter is working with a stellar team of writers and producers, but it’s his contribution that stands out.

Fans will love that the track is an original.


5. He’s A Handsome Stud

PeopleOfTheYear Social 51

We know it’s really what’s on the inside that counts, but you can’t ignore that Nicky is a hottie.

Just as handsome as he was in his Westlife days, Nicky will definitely get some votes based on his sweet smile alone.

Whether you’re a long-time Westlife fan of your child is, you can still enjoy a good look.


6. He Has His Own Radio Show

2fm Nicky Byrne Show with Jenny Greene Birthday 13

Since Westlife ended, Nicky has proven himself as a presenter as well as a TV presenter.

As well as previously hosting the Million Euro Challenge, Nicky also hosts The Nicky Byrne Show on 2FM with Jenny Greene.

Everyday he plays the latest hits and chats to dozens of listeners and guests, so he knows exactly how to handle radio interviews during the run up to the Eurovision.


7. He Really Wants To Make Ireland Proud

nicky byrne

While lots of people love to slag the Eurovision, Nicky has stood up for the competition.

After announcing he was heading to Sweden in May, Nicky insisted entering the contest was not a “step down.”

The Dubliner also admitted he’s loved watching the Eurovision ever since he was a kid.


8. The Westlife Lads Are Behind Him

Westlife Launch X at The Four Seasons

There’s nothing better than your boys having your back, and Nicky’s former band mates are all behind him.

Not only will it help get us lots of votes that the lads are tweeting about the song and congratulating Nicky, it proves they’re all still mates.

With Shane, Kian and Mark all behind him we’re sure Europe will get behind him too.


9. He Just Got A Record Deal

Nicky Bryne

Not only has Nicky proved he’s talented enough to represent his country, the Dublin star has also impressed music companies.

Nicky has just been offered a record deal with top record company Universal Music, so this single is the first of many to come.

Ex band mates Shane Filan and Markus Feehily have already released their records so we’re excited to hear Nicky’s new sound.


10. He Has The Whole Package

2fm summer launch 20

Reasons 1-9 really explains this one.

He can sing, dance, woo people with his charm, and he has the talent to back it all up.

With a stellar career behind him we only see things getting bigger and better for this Irish star.


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