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Ray D'Arcy admits: 'I'll have all the good guests if Ryan Tubridy doesn't take them first'


Ray D’Arcy has said that he will have the best guests on his new chat show, if Ryan Tubridy doesn’t get them first.

The Kildare native will be taking over the Saturday Night Show from Brendan O’Connor on the new season on RTÉ One.

“We’ll have the big names if Ryan doesn’t get them first,” he said at the launch of the new season.

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Guests: Ray hopes to get some good guests ahead of Ryan | ANDRES POVEDA

Ryan Tubridy presents the Late Late Show on Friday night and usually has a number of high profile guests but Ray said it will only be a matter of time before he goes chasing celebrity guests.

“I think my competitive edge will come out sometime in February, it will be all nice up until then and then it will get competitive,” he added.

Regardless of the competition, the 50-year-old did admit that himself and Ryan do infact “get on really well”.

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Entertainment: Ray will front a new chat show on RTÉ One | VIPIRELAND.COM

The radio host is looking forward to a fun and comfortable chat show that he hopes will entertain all the family.

“It is what we all know to be a chat show, I’ll be there hopefully in a nice comfortable environment, they’ll sit down, I’ll ask them questions, they’ll tell stories and that’s where the magic happens,” he revealed.

“Hopefully those stories will make people laugh, make them cry, make them shout at the television on a Saturday night.”

Ray D’Arcys new chat show will kick off the last Saturday in September.