Home Movie Rachel Weisz gushes over Colin Farrell: 'I'm a fan'

Rachel Weisz gushes over Colin Farrell: 'I'm a fan'


British actress Rachel Weisz  revealed she was a big fan of Colin Farrell before she starred with him in The Lobster.

The Lovely Bones star, who appears in critically acclaimed flick with the handsome actor, admitted she admired him from afar for years.

“I was a fan of his work. I loved him in In Bruges and in the Terrence Malick film [The New World],” she said.

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Fan: Rachel revealed she was a fan of Colin’s before she starred alongside him | VIPIRELAND.COM

Opening up about shooting alongside the Dubliner in the gritty film, Rachel admitted the two became fast friends.

“I just loved working with him,” she said at the Toronto International Film Festival.

“He’s incredibly funny, and has a very, very hungry intellect and mind and he’s very warm and immensely soulful.”