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PICS: Summer officially starts as Sarah McGovern and Dermot O’Neill launch GroMór 2018

Have you tried gardening as a type of mindfulness?

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The sun has made an appearance and that means summer is here after the longest winter!

GroMór is an initiative by Retail Excellence Ireland in association with Bord Bia and nursery growers, promoting its 75 local garden centres and nurseries located across the country. These centres are available to offer free expert advice to people in all age groups, from novices and new homeowners to experienced gardeners. Find out how to best grow plants, herbs, flowers, fruits, vegetables, whether it be on a windowsill, balcony or in a garden.

Also, discover the health benefits associated with gardening or how to introduce the wonder of nature to children www.gromor.ie.

Pic Brian McEvoy

This year’s campaign highlights the benefits of growing plants, flowers and foods focusing on four distinct areas:

Health & Wellbeing

Gardening can help release the daily stress and contribute to overall health and wellbeing. Summer is the perfect time to take up a new healthy hobby. Plan out your balcony or garden and get growing for a wonderful sense of achievement. GroMór is promoting the Birds and Bees campaign and how to attract more wildlife into your garden and create a holistic environment.

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Enhance Your Home

The garden can become an extension of your home, a room outside for the family to enjoy. GroMór gives plenty of tips on how to liven up your living areas with plants and features as well as colourful options to brighten up your balconies and gardens.

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The Family Garden

The garden is a space for all the family to enjoy. Whether it’s teaching young children about nature as they watch a seed grow into a flower or creating a haven for your family to enjoy barbecues and long summer days.

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Growing your own food

Growing your own plants to eat and enjoy has never been so popular. Fruit, vegetables and herbs can be grown in containers or in planting beds. The mouthwatering flavours of homegrown plants will always be remembered.

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GroMór 2018 Ambassador Dermot O’Neill; “Having a garden always encourages you to be outside to enjoy its beauty, having a place to sit and relax helps you feel well and be in contact with nature. It’s a place to watch garden birds visiting and seasonal insects like butterflies, which bring an added beauty to your garden. This can help you release your daily stresses and contribute to your overall health and wellbeing.”

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“Gardening is easy and by understanding some of the basics you can help to improve your lifestyle. If you have a new home, the garden can easily be made into an extension of how you live – a place to enjoy, a place for children to play, a place to grow your own fruit and vegetables, somewhere to relax and enjoy.”

“Creating a family garden is a place where everyone can get involved from the very young to the elderly. A garden can be a place of memories, a place of fun and enjoyment. It’s somewhere to commemorate special events, birthdays or anniversaries and to create and make magical moments.”

Pic Brian McEvoy

There are 75 GroMór garden centres and nurseries located all over the country offering fantastic ranges of everything you may like to grow. These centres have qualified staff to help answer your gardening questions and they take pride in everything they sell and advise on all things gardening. They are happy to help you identify a plant and many will help you develop a plan that will help with your lifestyle and family needs.”