PICS: LloydsPharmacy launches ‘Best Version of You’ campaign at Airfield Estate

The Best Version of You campaign highlights the importance of preparing for winter at a time of year when staying healthy is most demanding


LloydsPharmacy, Ireland’s leading pharmacy chain, have launched a new seasonal health and wellness campaign, the ‘Best Version of You’, to educate customers on preparing for winter and staying healthy.

The LloydsPharmacy ‘Best Version of You’ campaign was launched at Airfield Estate, Dundrum, with nutritional therapist Elsa Jones and wellness expert Sarah Doyle.

Media and influencer attendees embarked on an experiential journey which included a culinary lesson, wellness session and private health consultation.

Erica Bracken and Niamh O’Sullivan | Andres Poveda

Dervila McGarry, Head of Marketing at LloydsPharmacy, said: “We created this event to demonstrate the high-quality service that LloydsPharmacy provides throughout the winter season.”

“LloydsPharmacy colleagues have been specially trained to provide customers with personalised winter health and wellness advice and our event at Airfield Estate provided media and influencers with an overview of services and products available across 92 stores nationwide.”

Laura Dowling, Dervila McGarry and Elsa Jones | Andres Poveda

Speaking at the launch, Denis O’Driscoll, Superintendent Pharmacist at LloydsPharmacy, said: “The Best Version of You campaign highlights the importance of preparing for winter at a time of year when staying healthy is most demanding.”

“During winter, harsh weather can weaken our immune systems. Incidences of seasonal illness, and viruses such as flu, rise in winter and can easily spread. Harsh weather can also aggravate our skin and chronic diseases such as asthma.

“Understanding the preventative steps to avoid illness is really important. The flu vaccination is available in select LloydsPharmacy stores nationwide. It not only helps to protect against catching the flu, but also ensures the infection isn’t passed on.”

Nathalie Lennon, Ciara Finan and Georgia Hickey | Andres Poveda
Megan Williams | Andres Poveda
Andrea Oprias and Jenni Murphy | Andres Poveda

“We encourage customers to visit their local LloydsPharmacy store for a private one-on-one health consultation in the privacy of a care room to discuss the flu vaccination and other preventative measures to stay healthy in winter.

“Patients may be entitled to receive the flu vaccination for free and our advice is to speak to the pharmacist for eligibility.”

Details of the pharmacies providing the flu vaccination service are available at: