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PICS: Glenda Gilson zooms into the weekend with new Urban Movement Electric Scooter

Glenda Gilson looked stunning as she showcased the brand new Urban Movement Electric Scooter this week.

The mum-of-two is embracing the Eurocentric lifestyle with the ultimate eco-friendly, city living choice for getting from A to B, and everywhere in between.

When chatting about her love of the Urban Movement Electric Scooters, Glenda said: “From covering celebrities on Xpose and Ireland AM to traveling across Europe interviewing at premieres and Fashion Week, I’ve always seen e-scooters zipping by, so I was dying to get my hands on one.”


“Since I nabbed an Urban Movement Electric Scooter, myself and Rob [her husband] can’t remember life without it.”

“It has become an essential for Rob and I chasing the kids up and down the road outside the house and popping out alongside them on bike rides.”

Electric scooters are on the rise globally as they’re environmentally friendly, efficient and cost effective.



Founder of the Urban Movement scooter brand, Stephen Woods, said he believes Ireland is ready for electric scooters to become the norm.

He said: “Ireland is ready to join the electric scooter movement. Cities like Dublin, Cork and Galway are ideal for the e-scooter user because of their size and layout.”

The Urban Movement electric scooters are available here.


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