PICS: Blaithín CARNEY launches her new single No Means No

Her new single zoomed into the charts and debuted at #3 on Friday

Blaithín Carney | Brian McEvoy

Blaithín CARNEY took to the stage with her band and string quartet on the final day of the Midsummers Arts Festival on Sunday to launch her new single No Means No.

No Means No, which zoomed into the charts and debuted at #3 on Friday, is the follow up to her chart-topping previous offerings – including her debut single Rome, and Close My Eyes.

Sure to strike a chord with both existing fans and newcomers alike, No Means No is the latest offering from this uber-talented artist, and it once again demonstrates her powerful vocal range.

But perhaps, just as powerful as her singing ability, is the profundity of the songwriting itself.

As the #TimesUp & #MeToo campaigns continue to reverberate around the world, Blaithin CARNEY contributes to the necessary global conversation, harnessing – through her medium of music and lyrics – the reality that everyone’s ‘No’ is different.

More than anything, No Means No reminds listeners of the importance of kindness and thoughtfulness, not just to those you know, but everyone with whom you cross paths.

Aisling Quinn, Valerie Roe and Blaithín Carney pictured at the launch of Blaithín new single No Means No | Brian McEvoy

Already making waves, CARNEY’s third single has been given the coveted stamp of approval from RTE Radio 1’s Recommendations List.

Blaithín’s journey has not been an easy one, as the singer has been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, the same illness that struck down Lady Gaga.

The Kildare singer-songwriter was told she would never play the piano again, but thansk to a disciplined regime of pilates as well as a strict diet, Blaithín eventually surprised her doctors by overcoming the crippling disease.

Blaithín Carney at the launch of her new single No Means No at the Midsummers Arts Festival | Brian McEvoy

Speaking about her illness, Blaithín said, “I refused to accept it and started on this path of how to figure out how to fix myself, I was chronically fatigued and had to stop working for a while and took up pilates and went onto train in teaching it.

“At the time I was working 12 hour days 6 days a week running my school of music and I reached burn out.“It was a perfect storm of emotional distress and physical meltdown, I was very stressed out and physically your body reacts to that too.

“I felt like I cured myself, it didn’t go overnight. I was utterly determined to cure myself.”

Blaithín Carney | Brian McEvoy

Speaking about her success to date, she added, “Getting to this point has been pretty amazing, when my single got to number one ahead of Ed Sheeran it felt incredible and hearing the song on the radio was surreal too.”

“I’m finally realising I am good at what I do. Before this I was constantly questioning whether I was good enough and able and I’m finally hitting that point where I’m quietly confident.”