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Niall Horan admits Harry Styles is most likely to 'disappear'


Niall Horan has admitted that his One Direction bandmate Harry Styles is the most likely to “disappear”.

An interview Niall and Harry did last year with TKM México has recently emerged on YouTube, where the boys are seen answering a number of fan questions – including who would be the most prone to disappearing.

Niall quickly pointed the finger at Harry and said, “You would disappear, yeah, you.”

The clip sees Harry agree with Niall, admitting that he does like to venture off from the rest of the group.

“I don’t know if it’s so much disappearing. I like to venture out and experience things sometimes. A couple of times I have probably gone off to do something random,” he explained.

The news is pretty ironic as Niall has been the one out of all the One Direction boys to go totally off the radar since their hiatus, as he’s been spotted backpacking incognito across Asia with friends.