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EXCLUSIVE! New Miss Universe Ireland Joanna Cooper vows to overcome height issues

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Derry beauty Joanna Cooper has been crowned Miss Universe Ireland – after overcoming her height issues.

The blonde, who could literally be Cara Delevigne’s double, admitted that she has been turned down for modelling jobs in the past, being told she was “too short.”

“Many times different clients would be interested in booking me but when they then see my height it’s just a straight no,” she told

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Height: Joanna wants to make a change | ERIC BARRY

“I want to change this! I fully believe I can do as good a job as the 5’8 plus girls,” she explained.

“I’d love to be a role model for shorter models, holding the title is such an amazing platform so I hope to do as many positive things as possible this year,” she admitted.

“I was so shocked. You can see by my face in the pictures that never in a million years did I expect it, I look like a crazy person I’m smiling so hard,” she laughed.



Judges: Editor Ali Ryan was one of the judges on the night

“It was the best feeling in the world, I felt so proud of myself. It’s such an achievement so I was delighted.

Joanna is dating David Murdock, who was there by her side at the Imperial Hotel in Cork last week, and looked proud as punch.

“Ah he’s the best. He just told me that he’s now following more pageant pages on Instagram than sports pages. He’s so excited by it all,” she said.

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Stunner: Joanna stood out on the night | ERIC BARRY

Joanna is off to Vegas tomorrow Wednesday 2nd and admitted it all feels like a dream.

“I’m heading on Wednesday, it honestly doesn’t feel real yet. I’m just going to keep a positive attitude and take everything in my stride.

“The past few days have been so busy but I feel as prepared as possible and ready to go,” she said.

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Miss Wildcard: Joanna before the competition | EVAN DOHERTY

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