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Michael Fassbender: 'Humour is the only way to get through sex scenes'

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Irish actor Michael Fassbender is no stranger to a raunchy film or two in his career having admitted the key to filming a sex scene is a good joke.

Known for his role in Shame, the Hollywood hunk insisted it’s important to break the ice on set.

“You just have to be aware of the fact that these things are always going to be embarrassing!” he said.

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Embarrassing: Michael Fassbender revealed that sex scenes are always going to be embarrassing | VIPIRELAND.COM

“And the only way to break the ice and get rid of all that nervous energy is through humour.

“On those days I’ll make sure to think of some particularly funny jokes!” he told German Glamour magazine.

The Kerry actor may have mastered awkward moments but the Slow West star opened up about his youth – admitting he reached for X-Rated films for sex education.


X-Rated: Michael opened up about reaching for X-Rated films in his youth | PATRICK O’LEARY

“There were the obligatory porn films. One time, I stayed at a friend’s house. His parents were away and we went to the video shop,” he revealed.

“I’m pretty sure we were there for hours, just discussing: ‘So, are you [going to] pick this one?’ ‘Which one?’ ‘That one over there has a good cover.’ And so on and so forth!”.

Meanwhile, the 38-year-old received rave reviews for his performance of The Dude in a reading of The Big Lebowski.