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Markus Feehily: 'I clashed with Louis Walsh in the beginning of Westlife'


Markus Feehily has opened up about his relationship with former band manager Louis Walsh – revealing they clashed in Westlife’s early days.

Although exchanging a few heated moments, the Sligo native admitted Louis wants to hear the singer’s new music.

“He hasn’t told me which of multiple amazing addresses he’s at the moment so I can post him an album.

“So he said he’d give me an honest bit of feedback, he said he’d mark each song out of 10,” he said.

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Rate: Markus revealed Louis wants to rate his new album | VIPIRELAND.COM

“I haven’t even posted yet but I’ll post it very soon when I get back to London.”

Speaking to Nicky and Jenny on The Nicky Byrne Show on 2fm, the music man revealed he never talked to Louis about the business side of the boyband but he was always supportive.

“As always myself and Louis never talk a whole lot of business anyway,” he admitted.

“I think with me and Louis, I learned quite fast to not bother talking about the business side of stuff to him –  Kian or that would be someone elses.

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No business: Markus admitted he didn’t talk about business with Louis | VIPIRELAND.COM

“So me and Louis maybe even clashed a bit in the early days but then sometimes it takes a clash to get really close to someone,” he shared.

“I think we’re good friends now, I don’t see him a whole lot but every now and again we’ll text.

“He texts me with loads of support and actually sent down a bottle of champagne and a DVD on all this American Motown battle singers when I was playing the gig in the Olympia back in March,” he revealed.

“He’s still lovely, we’ve always been friends away from business more than business anyway. Nothing’s really changed.”