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Lorraine Keane on leaving Xpose: 'I was let down'


Lorraine Keane has said she was “incredibly naive” when she was working in TV3 and admitted  she felt “let down” by people in the industry.

The TV star left Xpose in 2009, and has revealed she found out who her real friends were quickly.

“I was incredibly naive at the time,” she said.

“I suppose it should have been obvious to me, which people were my friends and which people weren’t, but I did get let down,” she told the Irish Sun.

Lorraine Keane

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“It was disappointing because I want to believe the best in people. Looking back I suppose what happened sieved out the good from the bad.”

The mum-of-two even revealed some people who let her down included Irish celebs.

“Generally, people don’t forget who helped them. “Bono never let me down. He’s probably the busiest music star on the planet but he would still find the time to help.”

However Lorraine admitted the entire experience made her stronger.

“If you toughen up, you lose some of the human qualities that endear you to people in the first place … “I wanted to stay being me.”