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Liveline ends early as phone lines go down

Liveline had to change its usual schedule today as the phone lines went down.

Joe Duffy’s popular show runs mainly on phone calls from the public and when the phones stopped working he had to play music back to back.

Listeners have gone into overdrive as the public panic at not being able to call in while Joe plays songs such as the Corrs.

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Live no more: Joe Duffy suffers technological problem on air | BRIAN MCEVOY

The popular radio presenter said how a number of people were trying to fix the phones but didn’t explain what had happened.

Fans of the show took to social media to joke about not being able to call into the show with #Liveline trending number one in Ireland.

Joe Duffy finishes a half hour early.. I’m ringing to complain… Oh wait!!!!” one fan tweeted. 


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