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Larry Gogan backs Nicky Byrne to win the Eurovision


Larry Gogan has backed Nicky Byrne to win the Eurovision for Ireland this year.

The 2FM broadcaster thinks the Westlife star has a “great chance” at winning the Eurovsion with his song Sunlight, and that RTÉ will help him get there.

“Nicky really has a great chance. His song is really catchy. He’s from Westlife so he will know exactly what’s doing, and I know RTE will give him a brilliant production.

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Pals: Larry is backing his 2FM pal Nicky to win the Eurovision | TWITTER

“I’ve met Nicky and he’s an incredibly nice, likeable young man. He will impress everyone he meets out in Eurovision, including all the delegations and at all the parties. He’s the best man for it,” he said.

The 77-year-old also backed RTÉ’s decision to not select this years Irish entrant through the Eurosong competition, unlike previous years.

“RTE tried it the other way for years, and got nowhere. They were right to do this. Nicky is a great choice. I’m 100 per cent behind him,” he told the Irish Sun.

Nicky Byrne for Eurovision 2016

Winner: Nicky Byrne is already a favourite to win the singing contest | VIPIRELAND.COM

While Larry is backing Nicky to win, the radio presenter revealed that he won’t make it to Stockholm for the contest this year, due to arthritis that he’s been suffering with for years, and has recently become a lot worse.

“It’s my knees really. They give you exercises to keep it at bay, but there is no cure for arthritis. I’ve had it for years but in the past 12 months, the arthritis has gotten worse.

“Walking is hard. I’m attending a clinic for it where I noticed most of the people who suffer from arthritis are in their 30s and 40s, not my age at all.”

Inside The Eurovision Song Contest Launch

Carry on: Despite Larry’s arthritis – he says it doesn’t affect his radio show | VIPIRELAND.COM

Despite Larry’s condition, he said his arthritis doesn’t affect his much-loved weekend shows on 2FM that air every Saturday and Sunday from 1 – 3pm.

“Friends tell me I sound the same on the radio but I joke, that the rest of me is falling apart.

“But I’m fine really. The show goes on. I love being on 2FM and the knees simply don’t come into it,” he added.

While Larry thinks his 2FM pal can definitely win the Eurovision, Nicky is already one of the favourites to win the Eurovision.